Bravos One is a Private Tropical Estate located in the beach-side neighborhood of Bravos de Boston the the heart of the Vieques Garden District of Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico was blessed with 3 Bioluminescent Bays, the brightest is  Mosquito Bay  here in  Vieques!

Puerto Rico was blessed with 3 Bioluminescent Bays, the brightest is Mosquito Bay here in Vieques!

Frequently Asked Questions


Will my cell phone work on Vieques?

  • Most US cell phone companies and plan work fine on Vieques.  In fact, I still have the same plan that I used in Texas – without updating anything or making changes.  AT&T seems to have the best reception, but Verizon is also reliable.  Some of the other service providers seem to work as well.

What is a MUST do?

  •  The Bioluminescent Bay is an incredible opportunity!  At night you can take a guided kayak tour and it is truly spectacular!   Look at the moon calendar when planning your dates – the Bay is closed the night before of and after a full moon.  We are dear friends with Abe and Barbara of Abe’s Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours.  Reservations can be made: 787-741-2134

Do I HAVE to rent a car?

  • Understand that a rental car is probably necessary to best enjoy Vieques.  We offer our guests a concierge service for $30/day - we will take you to and pick you up from 3 different locations on the island – you can select beaches, restaurants, etc….   We also have available a 4 door car for our guests to rent for $50 per day.  Vieques has taxis, publicos and several rental car companies if you would like to explore your options.  During the High season, car rentals may be scarce.  We can send you information on what is available – just contact us.

What is the mosquito situation?

  • You are coming to a tropical island and it has mosquitoes.  Since you are flying, you cannot bring an aerosol, but you can purchase mosquito repellent wipes and pack those for your trip.  We do provide a can of repellent in the apartment.  All of the stores on Vieques sell a variety of repellents.