Bravos One is a Private Tropical Estate located in the beach-side neighborhood of Bravos de Boston the the heart of the Vieques Garden District of Puerto Rico.


Vieques – Getting Here

The most straightforward way to get to Vieques (VQS) is simply to fly directly from San Juan International Airport (SJU) where your flight landed.  Cape Air and Vieques Air Link both fly from SJU to VQS.  For any of the airlines listed, always search online for any promo code that you can find to save more.  Sample fares for the same dates (I used 05/01/17 – 05/07/17) were as follows:

Cape Air                      Round Trip SJU-VQS = $169 - $189 each way

Vieques Air Link          Round Trip SJU-VQS = $270 R/T

To save on the flight, look at taking a taxi to the San Juan Isla Grande (SIG) airport (smaller airport) to Vieques using either Vieques Air Link or Air Flamenco.  Sample fares using the same dates as above were:

Vieques Air Link          Round Trip SIG-VQS = $150

Air Flamenco               Round Trip SIG-VQS = $146

Flights from San Juan to Vieques are approximately 20 minutes.

Cab Fares are monitored by law in Puerto Rico.  Typical fare between the 2 airports in San Juan (SJU & SIG) are about $20.  It is about a 15 – 20 minute cab ride.

Other Options are Available:

There is a ferry from Fajardo to Vieques.  Fajardo is a city in Puerto Rico that is approximately a 40 – 60 minute drive south east from San Juan.  Also, there is a small airport just outside of Fajardo called the Ceiba (RVR) airport. 

Getting to Fajardo:

Cabs from either airport in San Juan should be a set fee of approximately $80.  Check that before entering the taxi.

Uber drivers typically charge $55 for the same trip, however Uber drivers are not allowed to leave from either airport.  Suggestion would be to plan to see the fort or anything in old San Juan as a side trip if you want to use the Uber option.

Ferry Info:

The ferry ride is about 1 hour.  Residents riding the ferry take precedence over visitors, which means if the ferry is full non-residents can get bumped.  This is possible during holidays especially.  Please be aware, the ferry can break down – which means no ferry.  The ferry is an option, but it is not a reliable option.  Ferry fares are approximately $4 round trip.

The ferry schedule from Fajardo to Vieques:

  • 4:00 am (Mon – Fri only)
  • 9:00 am
  • 1:00 pm
  • 4:45 pm
  • 8:15 pm

Ferry Schedule from Vieques to Fajardo:

  • 6:00 am
  • 6:30 am (Fri, Sat, Sun only)
  • 11:00 am
  • 3:00 pm
  • 6:30 pm

Ceiba Airport (RVR) Options: The Ceiba airport has 3 options to fly to Vieques.

  1. Air Flamenco               Round Trip RVR – VQS = $68
  2. Vieques Air Link          Round Trip RVR – VQS = $72
  3. The third option is called Aero Taxi.  The aero taxi is readily available and is basically hiring a private air taxi.  Most planes have 3 seats available (other than the pilot).  They do have a larger plane that accommodates 6 passengers.  Prices are more expensive with this option, but you have a lot of flexibility with this choice.
  • For the smaller plane (regardless of flying 1, 2 or 3 people) the flight one way is $180.00
  • The larger plane one way is $360.00

We used Aero Taxi on several occasions – flexibility and schedule were a necessity.  Also, we used this option and hired the larger plane for bringing the 2 of us and our 4 large dogs to the island when we relocated here.